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YouTube Works Award

YouTube Works Award

About the Awards

Over the last decade, we’ve watched marketers redefine how they communicate with consumers. From heartwarming to thought-provoking and everything in-between, we’ve seen how incredible digital content drives equally powerful results.

The YouTube Works Awards is developed by Google in partnership with Kantar Global, and organised in partnership with AIM Academy in Vietnam. It celebrates and champions the brilliant minds producing the most innovative and effective campaigns on YouTube.

2020 marks the 2nd year of the awards and it is open for all campaigns that run from 1 March 2019 to 20 April 2020.


  • 1

    Best Tết Campaign

    Recognise the most outstanding campaign during Tết season in 2020. The winner should demonstrate the ability to build connections with consumers in a locally relevant yet refreshing story, and compliment their message with strategic media orchestration to maximise impact in this key moment.

  • 2

    Creative Excellence

    Recognise powerful storytelling through creatives. The award looks for a keen understanding of the audience, and an ability to bring a story to life through exceptional copywriting, creative direction, and flawless production.

  • 3

    Better Together: Brand & YouTube Creator

    Recognise where True Magic happens - when strategic and creative collaboration between Brand & Creators fits perfectly to effectively reach the target audience, build relevance through genuine and engaging content to drive positive brand and business results

  • 4

    Media Excellence

    Recognise the role of media teams in understanding audiences, touch points, and developing strategies to bring campaigns to life. Category winner shows evidence of driving maximum results for every touch points.

  • 5

    Data-driven Powerhouse

    Recognise smart, effective, and consistent use of data to inform understanding of customers, key decisions, strategy and execution of campaigns that speak effectively to those customers.

  • 6

    Multi-screen Strategy

    Recognise campaigns that utilise different video formats seamlessly and effectively across multiple channels.

  • 7

    Emerging Brand on Digital

    Recognise campaigns from emerging brands who are new to YouTube and have achieved significant results from either Brand or Sales, or both. Participants must be new to running YouTube, or have been running on the platform for maximum 1 year.

  • 8

    Grand Prix - Best Campaign of the Year

    Crowned as the GRAND PRIX, this award recognises the most effective campaign of 2020, and is selected amongst the 7 category winners. The winner demonstrates the most effective, creative, innovative and data-driven work with demonstrable business results on both Brand and Sales.

Ready to submit

How it works

Submit your best work to be reviewed by our jury of distinguished industry leaders in two rounds.

There are 7 categories for you to select, with zero submission fee. Two rounds of marking will select the 7 category winners, each highlighting a different dimension of marketing and showcasing the impact of YouTube on business results.

A Grand Prix will then be awarded to 1 category winner that best demonstrates brilliant results, storytelling and effectiveness.

  • Contest begins

    Contest begins

    Sunday, 1 March 2020

  • Submissions end

    Submissions end

    Monday, 20 April 2020

  • Winners announced

    Winners announced

    August 2020 at YouTube Brandcast

How to submit

How to win

How to win

Our judges are looking for campaigns that have creatively, strategically and effectively leveraged YouTube to achieve a clear business impact. Make sure you set the scene and be clear about your KPIs. The metrics you provide will help our judges understand your work and the challenges of your category and marketplace.

Helpful hints:

  • Consider co-writing your submission, collaborations between media and creative agency help to tell the full story.
  • Tell a story  with a beginning (objectives), middle (approach), and end (impact)
  • Stick to simple and concise
  • Include critical context around your creative
  • Remember we need all relevant media referenced in your submission
  • Note any factors external to YouTube that could have impacted results
  • Share as many metrics as you can and include objectives, KPIs, and benchmarks
How to win

How to enter

Identify one of your most effective YouTube campaigns from 2019 till 20 April 2020, reviewed the Terms & Conditions, and fill out the submission form below.

YouTube Works is easy to enter. Even better, it’s free. If you’re part of a marketing, media, creative, or agency team, show us your best-in-class digital work for your chance to be seen around the world.

Questions? contact us at

Submission Form

Fill out the form below to enter

Please enter valid email address

Please limit response to 250 words. What is the story you want to tell the judges so that they understand your business, market and competitive situation and have full context around your submission? What is the case you are making around your success? Important elements to cover are: What role does your brand play in the category? What is the competitive environment like? What important information about the climate/market conditions specific to your industry should we be aware of? What barriers did you need to overcome? Who was your primary target audience for this campaign? Why? What important information on your audience behavior and culture should we be aware of?

Please limit response to 150 words. Please let us know about any concrete objectives which are quantifiable and as many specific metrics as possible (include numbers!). Judges will also be interested in any relevant benchmarks (e.g. target metrics, previous performance, KPIs, etc.) around the goal set. When assessing overall effectiveness, judges will consider your response to this question with an eye to both how rigorous and business-critical your objectives were, and how well they were achieved.

Please limit response to 200 words. Share any insights that translated to the creative idea. In addition to articulating the core idea behind your effort, consider referencing any customer or market research as well as human truth or audience insights (wants, needs, attitudes, behaviors) that inspired it, the organizational reality or imperative that necessitated it, as well as any critical context around how the idea and these inputs translated to the final execution and/or which may have played a role in its impact.

Please include all materials referenced in your submission. You can share the YouTube links directly, and share other materials through a Google Drive folder and enable access. Provide as many links as necessary, separated by commas, but if total media runs longer than five minutes - or if you’re including similar variants of the same format / execution - please indicate which clips you’d like judges to prioritize viewing. Case study videos recapping your objective, strategy, and results are highly encouraged.

Summarize the overall communications strategy you used to bring the idea to life. Include the channels you chose and why they made most sense given your target and core idea. If you are able to share your budget or scope, that would help the judges understand your approach. Judges will be looking for thoughtful and creative strategic planning.

Please limit your response to 200 words. Insight is a powerful trigger to connect the idea to the consumers. Brands can leverage different kinds of insights such as consumer insights, data insights, or media insights to make their campaign stand out and achieve results. Since this piece of information is very critical and can be highly local, please explain the context or the tension where the insight flows and the insight itself. For the category Data-driven Powerhouse, please shift the focus of your answer towards use of data insights.

Please limit response to 100 words. In light of the overall strategy and communications plan you outlined above, explain the specific rationale behind your choice of capabilities - the key role and function you envisioned each of these tools playing. How did YouTube activation relate to other channels / media / creative in this campaign, and why?

Please limit response to 200 words, and ensure that:

  • your response is closely connected with and applicable to the objectives stated above.
  • you’ve demonstrated your effectiveness in reaching and/or impacting your target audience however you set out to if this was a core objective.
  • you’ve included any relevant benchmarks to help the judges understand your achievements (results are more meaningful when relative to category norms)
  • you’ve sourced the trusted third-party source(s) that validated your measurable results.
  • you’ve elucidated YouTube's role in achieving these results, providing conclusive measurable evidence where possible.
  • you’ve highlighted any factors external to YouTube that could have impacted results (e.g. PR).

Remember, we love good measurement and attribution!

Please limit response to 100 words. Beyond achieving the KPIs and objectives articulated, did you see other positive results in your business or on your brand as a result of this effort? Do you have any insight to share on what was at the heart of this success? What worked particularly well, what could’ve been done better? What changes would you make to your overall, communications, and channel strategy?

Thank you for your submission! Winners will be announced in August 2020 at YouTube Brandcast.

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